Scoop of Chocolate, Scoop of Vanilla

As I ponder my future as an insane E.N.T.R.E.P.R.E.N.E.U.R., outside enthusiast, former golfer (this is truly wrong to be former…I am a golfer dammit, but being in your 30’s is a kiss of death for that sport), ultra-runner, open-water swimmer, I wonder what the goal should be. Well, nothing sums it up better than doing whatever it takes to live in my Sweetspot.

What is a Sweetspot? See for yourself. This is WISDOM and brilliant:

What is MY Sweetspot: WAIT….

So I say to You and Ask You: “Don’t waste my time, C’MON, Push me!”


ME: Grilled?

YOU: Sautéed

ME: I’m With You

YOU: Potatoes Au Gratin

ME: Head Nod, getting Nervous

YOU: Asparagus

Now, before I answer, I want to know if YOU know YOUR SWEETSPOT?

What is MY Sweetspot: …Developing clear visions of complex situations by exhausting every avenue to gain understanding (through research) in order to maximize practical ideas that inspire and empower. What does this mean? I created the PGA TOUR Network to inspire and empower golf fans. I ran the Leadville Trail 100, a complex task considering that most training had to occur in the dark before my family was awake, to inspire and empower myself and those around me. I created Blush Marketing (well…forget don’t want to know this one).

What is YOUR Sweetspot AND are you living in it? (Ouch, that 2nd questions is just as difficult). You first!



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5 responses to “Scoop of Chocolate, Scoop of Vanilla

  1. You’re sick, Kirk. Get help immediately.

  2. guess who

    common Kirk, some real challenge please! Raise 5+ children, run Scotland-Dover then swim the channel then bike to Marseille (or at least swim the channel already, go IPO, backpack through 31 countries.

  3. YMCA

    you are in your sweet spot now, baby

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