About the Chief Outsider

Why I do this...and why I do the things I write about...thank you Chad!

These are my confessions as a middle-aged ORDINARY Athlete, Entrepreneur, Marketeer and Outsider…

The Chief Outsider is an visioneer living and playing the Entrepreneur, Texas.

Outside Adventures

  • Founder & CEO of Chief Outsiders, outsourcing CMO’s to growth and mid-sized companies
  • Created the PGA TOUR Network (Sirius XM Ch. 209).
  • Founded Blush Marketing, a sports & event marketing agency that has worked with leading brands including: the PGA TOUR, NFL, MLB, Sirius XM, KangarooTV, American Express, and Nascar.
  • Board Member of EO (Entrepreneur Organization).
  • Received an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.
  • Loves endurance running and open-water swimming. Recently finished the Leadville Trail 100 in August 2010.
  • Continues to hold onto a 2 handicap (but needs more practice).
  • 7th Generation Texan, member of the OLD THREE HUNDRED.
  • Born in the wild and raised by a pack of Coyotes under the name Kirk (Kuykendall) Brand Coburn.

5 responses to “About the Chief Outsider

  1. John Lembcke

    Amazing. You certainly don’t seem like the laid back Kirk I knew in high school anymore. Looks like you’ve kicked some pretty good butt since then. Glad to see you’re still playing golf at a high level too!

  2. Kirk, Wow! You were always an amazing guy back in high school. My first real date. You continue to be and do amazing things! Congrats on Leadville and all your other pursuits! Take care and God bless, Jen (aka Griff)

  3. Jay

    “Received an MBA from the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas.”

    How did you keep that from stunting your growth?

    • Kirk Brand Coburn

      Wow. I love academics. But the truth is that without Dr. Cadenhead and a few other key professors, the PGA TOUR Network would not exist today (and contrary to the cocktail scene, there are over a million wealthy, influential fans that listen – yes, disturbingly awesome). But, yes, a piece of paper can blind one from reality and plain ole hard work and boot strapping. Touché.

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